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Here it is a quick guide to get started with your brand new guestbook.
For further info or support to any issue occurring while installing or using the guestbook, visit official web site.
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Table of Contents


1.1) Delete unnecessary files (jump this step if you are RE-installing)

If you don't have a fast internet connection to upload the script and you are not interested in automatic guests' country recognition and local date/time formatting features, you can delete:

FILE resources/ip-to-country.db (about 1.8 MegaBytes)

You can restore this feature by uploading this file at a later time (see § 2.5).

If you're not interested in country flags, you can avoid uploading:

FOLDER interface/theme-THEMENAME/flags/ (e.g. "theme-hera")

Then, if you already know which database you'll be using, you may delete other database folders, all located inside:

FOLDER database/

(e.g.: if you are going to use MySQL3, you can delete folders "pgsql", "sqlite", etc...)

1.2) Upload the Script (jump this step if you are RE-installing)

Upload the whole script to your web server using your FTP client software (eg. CuteFTP).

Language files should be all uploaded, because the script language is set according to the location of your guests!

1.3) Use "Setup Utility"

Jump to § 5.0 to learn how to start the "Setup Utility", then go on reading.

Push button "Install" and follow instructions on screen.

If installation succeds, using button "Usage Tutorials" of the "Setup Utility" will let you choose the most suitable way to open the guestbook from your web site. Put the given code inside your web page as explained in "Setup Utility".

Close "Setup Utility".

1.4) Enter the Guestbook for the first time

You can enter your guestbook from the link you have just created (see above).
To log-in as guestbook Administrator for the first time, use "password" as default password.


2.1) Overview

There are two levels of power-users: Moderator and Administrator.
Moderator account must be activated by Administrator via control panel.

Special AbilitiesModAdmin
Edit/restore configuration-+
Activate/deactivate the Moderator account-+
Delete all entries at a time-+
Ban a guest and delete all his messages-+
Change your password/email address++
Read and approve pending entries++
Edit or delete single entries++
Reply to entries++
Read private entries++
See through filtered swearwords++
Get IP/Provider info of your guests++

When you write a message as Administrator or Moderator entry approval, all filters and security checks, CAPTCHA code, Country recognition are bypassed.

Logging in:

To log-in, type your password in the login form next to the top menu.
Once you have logged in, the form will be replaced by a new menu link named "Control panel".

Administrator default password is "password".
If activated, Moderator default password is "moderator".

Password reminder:

If you have forgotten your keyword, you may receive an email reminder by using the SetupUtility (§ 5.0) facility named "Password reminder".
This works only after the first log-in, if valid email addresses were set.

How to edit configuration:

Go to "Control panel" and easily tweak settings. From this page you can also delete all messages at a time and restore original configuration.

2.2) Managing Entries

How to read private entries:

When you are logged-in as power-user, private entries will be visible among the others at the reading page, titled as "Confidential".

Beware that each private entry can be read also by the guest who wrote it (but not by others)! So you may see your private entries wrote as a guest (when not logged), as long as your IP address doesn't change.

How to manage single entries:

When you are logged-in as power-user and you are reading the guestbook, special icons will show up next to each entry.

Please remember that if you are a Moderator, you can't manage entries added by the Administrator.

These icons let you easiliy perform administration tasks on any single entry:

Replying to entries:

You can easily add a reply to any entry, by clicking on this special icon:

If Javascript is disabled, you will be brought to a classic form to fill, before being redirected right back to the entry you were replying to.

Instead, if you have Javascript enabled, you will benefit of the quick-edit feature.

To write, click on the icon displayed above, or doubleclick on the text of you reply previously added.
The text cursor will be placed in the text-field where you can write your reply.

If you wish to remove your reply, simply remove its contents.

To save your reply and exit from writing-mode, simply click anywhere outside the reply text field.

According of your level of authorization, your reply may look two different ways:

" Administrator: your reply here... "

" Moderator: your reply here... "

2.3) Graphic Themes

A) Official Themes

Download the graphic theme package from the official web site, among those compatible with the version of your guestbook.

Unzip it and you will find:

FOLDER theme-THEMENAME (e.g. "theme-hera")

Upload the whole folder to you remote server, inside:

FOLDER interface/

The graphic theme will be immediately available inside administrator control panel of the guestbook.

At the official website you can download a special package file called "themeName.SDK" containing all the PNG vector files for web designers who want to customize the grahics of the corresponding theme. This folder is NOT meant to be uploaded.

B) Custom Themes

If you are familiar to CSS and graphics, you can create a custom theme.
I suggest you to create a different folder from the default one and renaming it (e.g. "theme-customName"), because in case of problems, you can always restore the original default theme.
To customize the layout edit ONLY the files inside themes folder!

2.4) Emoticons Management

Adding and removing emoticons is very easy!
Go to folder:

FOLDER interface/emoticons/

Simply add, delete, rename the files inside. Changes will be effective immediately.

2.5) Other Add-ons

At official web site, you can find a few other components to keep your guestbook up-to-date.

Anti-SPAM Filter:

FILE resources/spam.db
Keep this file always up-to-date to erase more and more possible.

Swearing Filter:

FILE resources/swearwords.db
You should upgrade this file often, so your guestbook can intercept and filter more and more bad words and profanities.

IP-to-Country Database:

FILE resources/ip-to-country.db
This big file lets the guestbook recognize users' country from their IP address. If you care about this feature, keep this file updated (get a new one at MJGUEST web site).

2.6) Advanced Settings

You can find more settings if you open, with a text editor, the file:

FILE mjguest.class.php

A breif explanation is given for each setting.

Beware you're directly editing the source code, here. Therefore any modification is attempted at your own risk.

2.7) RSS Feeds RSS Feed

RSS feeds are a new, widely used technology which allows you to read the latest entries of your guestbook through dedicated RSS reader programs (aggregators) or websites, where you can read many RSS sources on one page, such as the custom Google home-page.

To read MJGUEST RSS feed, simply click on the RSS Feed icon that will show up when you are logged as Administrator or Moderator.

You may use this web page url to let RSS readers access your guestbook and show you the latest entries.

§ 3.0 - UPGRADE

3.1) Upload the Script

Overwrite the old script with the new one via FTP software.

NOTE #7:
In version 6.8, date/time management has changed. This means that the date/time of old entries will not be displayed correctly, reporting a variable hours gap, according to the geographical location of your web server.

NOTE #6:
In version 6.7, theme folder names have changed:

interface/NAME.pak -> interface/theme-NAME

Please rename manually all your theme folders.

NOTE #5:
In version 6.7:

FOLDER install/

was replaced by:
FOLDER setup/

You must upload the new folder, deleting the old one.

NOTE #4:
From version 6.5, all language translation files were renamed like this:

FILE.lang.php -> FILE.utf8.php

Delete old files inside:
FOLDER interface/language/

NOTE #3:
Starting from version 6.3, all templates files were renamed:

interface/TEMPLATE.tpl.php -> interface/TEMPLATE.htm.php

Delete old files inside:
FOLDER interface/

NOTE #2:
Starting from version 6.3, every folder having names preceded by underscore "_" are no longer needed and may be erased.

NOTE #1:
In version 6.2 default names of smileys have changed. Upgrading might corrupt smileys inserted previously by your guests.

3.2) Use "Setup Utility"

Jump to § 5.0 to learn how to start the "Setup Utility", then go on reading.

Select the version of the script you currently own and push button "Upgrade".

If upgrade succeds, using button "Web integration" of the "Setup Utility" will let you get the most suitable code to open the guestbook from your web site. Put this code inside your web page (more info given in "Setup Utility")

§ 4.0 - REMOVAL

4.1) Use "Setup Utility"

Jump to § 5.0 to learn how to start the "Setup Utility", then go on reading.

To delete the script, push button "Remove". This option will delete all your data!

Now, if you want to RE-install, jump to § 1.0.

4.2) Delete Files

After you have cleaned up the database, use your FTP client to remove all files and folders.

§ 5.0 - APPENDIX 1: How to use "Setup Utility"

1) Open your browser to the page:

2) Click on the link "Open Setup Utility", it will open in a popup window.

3) Follow the easy step-by-step instructions.

If your guestbook is already installed, for safety reasons you will be asked to type your Administrator password. If you have just installed the script, default password is "password".
Safety password is required to: Install, Upgrade, Remove but not for Usage Tutorials and Password Reminder.

§ 6.0 - APPENDIX 2: Removing title-bar proprietary label (upon request)


Although this guestbook is 100% free for any kind of use, if you would like to hide at the eyes your visitors where your guestbook comes from, without breaching the contract, you may buy the right to remove the copyright label that appears on title-bar, by paying a symbolic one-time fee.


Simply go to the dedicated section of mdsjack web site and read carefully all terms of service.

§ 7.0 - APPENDIX 3: Troubleshooting

Before asking any technical questions on the official forums please read carefully what follows: